Directed by Mauriece Jacks, Jr.

Conceived over post-quiz beers at the Highball, shot in a sweltering South Austin garage, and featuring the finest talent we could get on a 100 degree afternoon, this is a Team FOGAR! production of FDR/JFK: KAIJU KILLERS! CAST:James Pound as JFK, Karl Weinelt as FDR, John Smith as Einstein(s), Justin Kenlon as The Monster, Olivia Frierson as Eleanor Roosevelt, Michael Sullivan as The General, Chris von der Gruen as The Doctor, Maury Jacks as Truman, The Explaining Ladies - Calder Rabbitt and Emily Glover. CREW: Ray Johnson and Nicole Burks DIRECTOR: Mauriece Jacks, Jr Original Music, All third party images and video in the public domain.