Martin Van Buren: Archaeological Adventurer

Directed by Chris Daly

That's right, I made a second one. Drawn and Quartered by Chris Daly Cast Ben Carlin-Martin Van Buren Ali Peters-Hannah Devlen Rourke-Billy Sam McElhinney-Paul Ellis Petersen-John Chris Daly-Winfeld Tom Knowles-Rich Johnson Gene Gisin-Red Feathers Music by Kevin Macleod Special thanks to Debe Daly and Gene Gisin, for letting us use their spaces for filming locations, whether they knew it or not. To all my actors, for putting up with this pet project, all of them behind me, through rewrites and reshoots, for Joshua McFadden and Sam Kenyon for letting us borrow their camera equipment, and above all, thanks to my wife, Sarah Linn, for reasons only she knows.